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Business Combinations

Business Combinations
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2018
Business Combinations [Abstract]  
Business Combinations
Business Combinations
Acquisition of Exar Corporation

On May 12, 2017, pursuant to the March 28, 2017 Agreement and Plan of Merger, Eagle Acquisition Corporation, a Delaware corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary of MaxLinear, merged with and into Exar Corporation, or Exar, with Exar surviving as a wholly owned subsidiary of MaxLinear. Under this Agreement and Plan of Merger, the Company agreed to acquire all of Exar's outstanding common stock for $13.00 per share in cash. MaxLinear also assumed certain of Exar's stock-based awards in the merger. MaxLinear paid aggregate cash consideration of $688.1 million including $12.7 million of cash paid to settle certain stock-based awards that were not assumed by MaxLinear in the merger. The Company funded the transaction with cash from the balance sheet of the combined companies, including $235.8 million of cash from Exar, and the net proceeds of approximately $416.8 million from $425.0 million of new transaction debt (Note 8).

Exar is a designer and developer of high-performance analog mixed-signal integrated circuits and sub-system solutions. The Company believes that the merger significantly furthers the Company's strategic goals of increasing revenue scale, diversifying revenues by end customers and addressable markets, and expanding its analog and mixed-signal footprint on existing tier-one customer platforms. Exar adds a diverse portfolio of high performance analog and mixed-signal products constituting power management and interface technologies that are ubiquitous functions in wireless and wireline communications infrastructure, broadband access, industrial, enterprise networking, and automotive platforms. The Company intends to leverage combined technological expertise, cross-selling opportunities and distribution channels to significantly expand its serviceable addressable market.

Acquisition Consideration

The following table summarizes the fair value of purchase price consideration to acquire Exar (in thousands):
Cash (1)

Fair value of vested stock-based awards assumed (2)


Cash consideration paid includes 51,953,635 shares ultimately tendered at $13.00 per share, or an aggregate total of $675.4 million, plus $12.7 million of cash paid to settle certain outstanding stock-based awards which were not assumed by MaxLinear in the merger.

MaxLinear assumed certain of Exar's outstanding stock-based awards as part of the merger, and estimated the fair value of such assumed stock-based awards. The portion allocated to purchase price consideration represents the vested assumed stock-based awards. The fair value of the MaxLinear equivalent stock options included in stock-based awards assumed was estimated using the Black-Scholes valuation model utilizing certain assumptions. Such assumptions are based on MaxLinear’s best estimates, which impact the fair value of the options calculated under the Black-Scholes methodology and, ultimately, the total consideration recorded for the acquisition.
Purchase Price Allocation
The following is the allocation of purchase price as of the May 12, 2017 closing date under the acquisition method of accounting. The purchase price allocation is based upon an estimate of the fair value of the assets acquired and the liabilities assumed by MaxLinear in the acquisition (in thousands):
Purchase price allocation:

Accounts receivable


Prepaid and other current assets

Property and equipment

Identifiable intangible assets

Deferred tax assets

Other assets

Accounts payable
Accrued expenses and other current liabilities
Accrued compensation
Other long-term liabilities
Identifiable net assets acquired


Total purchase price

The fair value of inventories acquired from Exar included an acquisition accounting fair market value step-up of $24.3 million, which was fully amortized in 2017. Included in other assets in the Exar purchase price allocation is $5.0 million held in escrow pertaining to indemnification obligations under the purchase agreement associated with the November 9, 2016 divestiture of a business unit by Exar (Note 13).
The following table presents details of the identified intangible assets acquired of Exar:
Estimated Useful Life (in years)
Fair Value (in thousands)
Developed technology

Trademarks and tradenames

Customer-related intangible

Product backlog

Finite-lived intangible assets

In-process research and development

Total intangible assets

Assumptions in the Allocation of Purchase Price
Management prepared the purchase price allocation for Exar and, in doing so, considered or relied in part upon reports of a third party valuation expert to calculate the fair value of certain acquired assets, which primarily included identifiable intangible assets, inventory, and property and equipment. Estimates of fair value require management to make significant estimates and assumptions which are preliminary and subject to change upon finalization of the valuation analysis. The goodwill recognized is attributable primarily to the acquired workforce, expected synergies, and other benefits that MaxLinear believes will result from integrating the operations of Exar with the operations of MaxLinear. Certain liabilities and deferred taxes included in the purchase price allocations are based on management's best estimates of the amounts to be paid or settled and based on information available at the time the purchase price allocations were prepared. Adjustments between the preliminary purchase price allocations initially recorded as reflected in the Company's interim condensed consolidated financial statements as of June 30, 2017 and the amounts reflected as of June 30, 2018 were not material.
The fair value of the identified intangible assets acquired from Exar was estimated using an income approach. Under the income approach, an intangible asset's fair value is equal to the present value of future economic benefits to be derived from ownership of the asset. Indications of value are developed by discounting future net cash flows to their present value at market-based rates of return. More specifically, the fair value of the developed technology, IPR&D and backlog assets was determined using the multi-period excess earnings method, or MPEEM. MPEEM is an income approach to fair value measurement attributable to a specific intangible asset being valued from the asset grouping’s overall cash-flow stream. MPEEM isolates the expected future discounted cash-flow stream to its net present value. Significant factors considered in the calculation of the developed technology and IPR&D intangible assets were the risks inherent in the development process, including the likelihood of achieving technological success and market acceptance. Each project was analyzed to determine the unique technological innovations, the existence and reliance on core technology, the existence of any alternative future use or current technological feasibility and the complexity, cost, and time to complete the remaining development. Future cash flows for each project were estimated based on forecasted revenue and costs, taking into account the expected product life cycles, market penetration, and growth rates. Developed technology will begin amortization immediately and IPR&D will begin amortization upon the completion of each project. If any of the projects are abandoned, the Company will be required to impair the related IPR&D asset. As of June 30, 2018, remaining IPR&D, or indefinite-lived intangible assets, were $4.4 million (Note 5).
In connection with the acquisition of Exar, the Company has assumed liabilities related to product quality issues, warranty claims, and contract obligations, which are included in accrued expenses and other current liabilities in the purchase price allocation above. The Company also assumed a purchase agreement that includes an indemnification obligation from Exar related to a November 9, 2016 business unit divestiture by Exar (Note 13).
Goodwill recorded in connection with the acquisition of Exar was $160.3 million. The Company does not expect to deduct any of the acquired goodwill for tax purposes.
Acquisition of Certain Assets and Assumption of Certain Liabilities of the G.hn business of Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.
On April 4, 2017, the Company consummated the transactions contemplated by a share and asset acquisition agreement with Marvell Semiconductor, Inc., or Marvell, to purchase certain assets and assume certain liabilities of Marvell’s G.hn business, including its Spain legal entity, for aggregate cash consideration of $21.0 million. The Company also hired certain employees of the G.hn business outside of Spain and assumed employment obligations of the Spanish entity acquired, which is now a subsidiary of MaxLinear. The acquired assets and assumed liabilities, together with the employees who joined MaxLinear and its subsidiaries as a result of the transaction, represent a business as defined in ASC 805, Business Combinations. The Company has integrated the acquired assets and employees into its existing business.